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XO-Design - Bubu Ier Stool
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Bubu Ier Stool
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XO-Design - Bonze Stool
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Bonze Stool
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Collections by XO-Design

Innovations from XO-Design

The company XO-Design was founded in 1984 by Philippe Starck and Gérard Mialet. Since then the designers have impressed with artistic creations for almost any living area. Shaping and innovative design characterize the models and generate a head turner in any room. The design lives to exceed established limits and to go beyond the horizon.

The special design of the XO-Design

The name XO Design was chosen with care. It means crossing the lines and trying something new. The designers try to use the collections to establish a new way of looking at things, and to put things in a new light. Its shapes are artfully combined and do not match each other at first sight. In the overall concept, for example the XO-Design stool, the design fits together. Likewise, the X fits to the O in the manufacturer's name. The idea behind the company is to design simple, artistic and especially unexpected furniture.

Stools and Chairs from the company

The XO-Design stool is also known as the BUBU Stool . It was developed and went into production in 1996. It, and other furniture in the collection, are made of polypropylene and is therefore particularly robust. As an upturned crown it is emblematic of democracy. There are many XO Design chairs, such as the Bite Me armchair that can be combined. The high-quality designs follow different production methods and materials. So you make a solid and exciting impression. The manufacturer XO Design considers design an important tool and has already managed to generate an international name for itself.