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Modular furniture

Compact & popular solutions from the USM series are available in the selection program with extra short delivery times.

USM - USM Inos C4 Drawer Set With 5 Drawers
  • Green
USM Inos C4 Drawer Set With 5 Drawers
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€ 139,40
€ 164,00
USM - USM Haller Trolley
  • Green
USM Haller Trolley
in Stock
€ 539,10
€ 599,00
USM - USM Haller Table 150x75cm
  • Beige
USM Haller Table 150x75cm
in Stock
€ 1.117,80
€ 1.315,00
USM - USM Haller Table 175x75cm
  • SilverSilver
USM Haller Table 175x75cm
in Stock
€ 1.183,50
€ 1.315,00

Customised furniture systems from USM Haller

Lots of sloping ceilings and not much space for roomy shelves or tall wall units? Well now you no longer have to do without exclusive designer furniture. Thanks to the modular functional furniture from USM Haller, you can design your personal living situation so that it matches your space. Find out all you need to know about how the exclusive pieces of furniture work, and gain an insight into the beginnings and the development of this successful, family-owned firm.

USM - Inos Box 500
  • Grey
Inos Box 500
in Stock
€ 106,00

Collections by USM

USM Haller modular furniture systems: functionality of the highest standard

For more than half a century, this furniture manufacturer has been the number one contact when it comes to finding flexible and customised space solutions. This is because the sustainably produced furniture from USM Haller offers you not just first-class quality and design, but also most importantly tremendous adaptability. But where does the company get its creative and innovative ideas from? Who are the artists behind the label, and which highlights must you absolutely not miss in its broad portfolio of products? You will learn about all of this and more here.

The start of a story of success

USM Haller's foundations were laid by Ulrich Schärer, who set up the company in Münsingen, Switzerland, in 1885. It still has its headquarters there today. For the first few decades, the company specialised in producing ironware and window locks.

Then came the change in the 1960s: Paul Schärer, the founder's grandson, decided to shift the company's focus. Instead of a purely metalworking firm, he wanted the company to develop into a modern, industrial business. Cooperation with the Swiss architect Fritz Haller gave rise to the design of a new factory and company premises. This is where all of the company's future operations - from production to administration - were to be housed. At the forefront of the building planning process was a modular steel frame construction system that turned out to be pioneering for the company's subsequent furniture production. In order to handle various production processes and potential expansion opportunities, absolute flexibility was essential when the company's buildings were being constructed.

And it is precisely this flexibility that ultimately forms the starting point for the functional designer furniture from USM Haller that we know today. In 1963, the hard work paid off: the modular furniture system, which had by this point become known worldwide, was created from customisable steel modules.

These best-sellers simply cannot be missed

The fact that the successful brand's products enjoyed as much popularity then as they do today lies not just in their universal functionality, however. They also look incredibly stylish. Find out for yourself and take a closer look at the collections and articles from USM Haller at AmbienteDirect:

USM Kitos

This table collection impresses not just with its reduced look, but most significantly with its mechanical height adjustability. This feature allows you to enjoy relaxed working while sitting or standing, adapting to every user's requirements whenever it needs to. This makes the models ideal for desk sharing and hot-desking. The concealed cable trough below the table top offers plenty of space to connect various electronic devices. If necessary, the handy privacy panels from USM Haller can also be attached to the desks with ease.

USM Haller E

This innovative range of office furniture makes your working environment shine. These high-quality products feature a revolutionary lighting technology that does not use cables. Discreetly installed elements provide enough light to read by next to your bedside table, or create the ideal setting for pictures and objects on your shelves. You can choose between warm and cool white light, or go for a combination of the two light colours to create a more enhanced depth effect.

As an unusual extra feature, the models in the USM Haller E range also offer charging options directly on the furniture. This means you can supply mobile devices with power right where they're needed, such as the desk.

USM Haller bookcases and sideboards

Are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing place to store your book collection at home, or your countless files? Then with an elegant bookcase in the minimalist style is exactly what you need. Thanks to its sleek appearance, it fits in with various living spaces, creates order and has an unobtrusive elegance. The metal frame is exceptionally robust and guarantees long-term use at home or at the office.

The stylish sideboards also impress with their tasteful and functional storage areas for your TV or decorative objects. In our online shop, choose between sideboards with or without folding doors.

USM Haller castor-mounted container

Especially if you move your furniture around a lot, or if you need certain documents in multiple places around the flat or office, then the convenient castor-mounted containers are ideal. Whether a classic for the office, a handy addition to the corridor or an extravagant helper in the kitchen, these models are real all-rounders on wheels.

USM Haller coffee and occasional tables

Stylish occasional and coffee tables are popular living accessories for the hall or living room. Depending on the model, you can place objects such as keys or magazines as well as drinks one or even two trays. Depending on the colour, this piece of furniture can blend in unobtrusively with your living style or stand out as an eye-catching statement piece.

Benefit from sustainably manufactured furniture

Anyone who sets great store by environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and recycled materials will feel happy with USM Haller. This is because the company has been committed to the responsible use of energy, raw materials and emissions since it was first founded. The development of solutions that address all kinds of demands and yet are environmentally friendly in their approach is a definitive element of the company's long-established philosophy.

Since the products are designed for long-term use, longevity is a major consideration at USM Haller. This includes the use of only durable and high-quality materials. Only the latest environmentally friendly production processes are used too, and they are regularly scrutinised to detect any potential for improvement.

Interesting information about this successful brand

Today, USM Haller employs more than 400 people worldwide and sells its products in more than 50 countries. This is partly thanks to its constantly growing network of over 400 retail partners. Added to this are its unusual showrooms in cities such as New York, Tokyo, London or Berlin, which serve as phenomenal presentation platforms and boost the company's profile. The prizes that the modular furniture systems from USM Haller have won in the past, such as the Greenguard Certificate, also bear testimony to the success of the renowned brand label. This confirms that the products contribute to the reduction of indoor air pollution by generating few particle emissions.

Functional system furniture that not only looks stylish, but is also environmentally friendly? It sounds almost too good to be true - so what are you waiting for? Click through the extensive range from USM Haller and buy your favourite pieces conveniently online at AmbienteDirect!