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Tivoli Audio

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Tivoli Audio - Tivoli Audio Model Two Network Cable
Tivoli Audio
Tivoli Audio Model Two Network Cable
€ 22,60
€ 41,00
Tivoli Audio - Tivoli Audio Model Two power supply
Tivoli Audio
Tivoli Audio Model Two power supply
white / plastics
in Stock
€ 22,60
€ 41,00
incl. VAT, plus Shipping cost

Pop, rock, or classic: Music reaches our emotions. After a long day at work music lets us relax and gives us energy. A party without music is unthinkable, and the start of the day feels best with our favourite CD or radio station playing in the background.

AmbienteDirect offers excellent designer audio systems, among others by the label Tivoli Audio. The company was founded by Tom DeVesto in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Tom already DeVesto was a highly sought-after man in the audio industry before Tivoli Audio's founding, for he had been working for Advent Corporation and Kloss Video in a leading position. Additionally, Tom DeVesto was involved in the development of the company Cambridge SoundWorks. He many years worth of expertise into his own company and the result today is impressive. Tivoli Audio design products are innovative, of a very high quality, and exceptionally popular with many design enthusiasts.

Tom DeVesto's basic idea was to develop an affordable audio system for people with high design demands. Furthermore, the audio system was supposed to be easy to handle and have an excellent sound quality. Tivoli Audio offers design objects from eight different areas: Hi-fi systems, Bluetooth, table radios, digital radios, portable devices, iPod players, and accessories like the “Model 10 Stereo Speaker”. In addition there are also different Tivoli Audio special models, among them the Tivoli Model One White Line Edition Radio and the Model Ten Single Radio, which are also available in our online shop.

Tivoli Audio's bestseller is the Tivoli Model One Radio. This radio not only looks especially elegant, it also convinces us with its excellent sound and its easy controls. Even though it is rather small, the sound sounds just as good as if it were coming from a large radio set. It also features outstanding radio reception and only needs a single power connection. The Tivoli Radio Model One is mostly used by its owners in the kitchen or the bathroom and makes for a great eye-catcher there.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to listen to your favourite station at the breakfast table in the morning? Then the Tivoli Model Three Radio by Tivoli Audio is the perfect choice. In the bathtub you can relax while listening to music with the Tivoli PAL + Digital Radio. The sound and the design of the Tivoli Audio devices will delight you!

Browse the online shop by AmbienteDirect. Here we have selected several Tivoli Audio design devices for you. We are sure you will find the right Tivoli Audio product for you. Should you have any questions regarding the products by Tivoli Audio, please do not hesitate to contact us!