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Softline - Monday Side Table
Monday Side Table
from € 142,00
€ 167,00
Softline - Sand Pouf
Sand Pouf
€ 216,00
€ 270,00
Softline - Grand Prix Kid's Rocking Chair
Grand Prix Kid's Rocking Chair
from € 166,00
€ 208,00
Softline - Lotus Sofa
Lotus Sofa
from € 1.270,00
Softline - Loft Outdoor Sofa Center Element
Loft Outdoor Sofa Center Element
from € 392,00
€ 712,00
Softline - Scope Sofa
Scope Sofa
from € 1.198,00
Softline - Lazy Day Bed
Lazy Day Bed
from € 1.712,00

Collections by Softline

The design company Softline was founded in Maribo, Denmark, as business unit of the K. Balling-Engelsen a/s in the year 1979 and at first only produced polyurethane foam for the Scandinavian furniture industry. With the refinement of the PU foam, which had been developed for an innovative and functional youth furniture collection, new business fields developed within Softline.

In the 1980s Softline began working with designer Kurt Brandt. Kurt Brandt designed, among others, the sofa bed named “Pax”, which became one of Softline's bestsellers. The combination of design and functionality was revolutionary in the furniture industry and ensured extraordinary success.

In the 1980s and 1990s the furniture manufacturer Softline launched an entire furniture collection in cooperation with Kurt Brandt. The creative designer knew how to ideally utilise the special features of foam material and drew on his store of knowledge for each of the new design objects for Softline. At the same time Germany, Austria, France, Benelux, and Switzerland became Softline's biggest consumers. Besides these countries also the Mid East and Asia had a great interest in the high-class design products by Softline.

When Kurt Brandt died in the year 1997 the furniture manufacturer Softline started looking for new designers. By means of several design contests in Denmark the company won a couple of creative designers for their company, among them Flemming Busk, who had taken part in a contest in the year 1999. Today Flemming Busk is known as part of the designer duo busk+herzog, who have been shaping the Softline furniture collection with their unique designs ever since. However, also other top designers contributed to Softline's success. Karim Rashid, Thomas Müller, Hiromichi Konno, and Stine Engelbrechtsen are part of the established Softline designers, counting more than 15 so far. Today the company produces four elegant and comfortable furniture collections and the matching accessories, still very proud of their Scandinavian inspired design.

Discover the stylish and multifunctional designer furniture by Softline at AmbienteDirect! In our online shop you will find not only the Sleep day bed / sofa bed and the Nest sofa bed, but also the Groove armchair and the Drums stool / side table. The Hello armchair, which was originally designed by busk+herzog for singer Kylie Minogue, is also available at AmbienteDirect. Bring more glamour and style into your life with the Lotus sofa / ensemble, which had several appearances in the iconic TV series “Sex and the City”. Should you have any questions regarding the Softline furniture collection, please feel free to contact us!