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Deluxe doormats!

The label RiZZ relies on simplicity, understatements and a very high quality - style for your entrance area!

RiZZ - Entrance Mat 120x70cm
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Entrance Mat 120x70cm
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For more than 30 years, the Dutch company has understood brushes for floor mats and has produced since 2004 under its own label RiZZ a variety of high quality designer products such as door mats and outdoor doormats for the entrance area.

The entrance area is the business card of the house or apartment and many roles must be fulfilled at the same time. There keys are deposited, hats, gloves and the rest of the wardrobe are tidied away and shoes find their place. Finally, a doormat is part of the equipment of every entrance, with the task of absorbing the worst of the dirt. The design of the entrance area gives a first impression of the residents. The classic modern doormats by RiZZ always leave a good impression, because the timeless RiZZ door mats fit any colour or style. Whether floor mats for the front door, the garden door, the back door or patio door, RiZZ has the right doormat in the range, such as the Urban doormat or the New Standard doormat. All RiZZ floor mats provide a seamless transition between inside and outside.

The exclusive outdoor doormats by RiZZ are characterized by their unique quality and longevity: The brush door mats are made of wear-resistant nylon brushes and are so efficient that even tread soles are perfectly cleaned on the outdoor door mats. On the other hand RiZZ floor mats are of extremely high quality and impress with their timeless design. Above any fashion, RiZZ door mats can be combined with any style.

The weatherproof outdoor door mats are a practical and stylish accessories that receives any dirt and leaves it at the door. Thanks to an open construction, the dirt falls directly into the frame of the doormat, so almost nothing is left on the Rizzz-doormat. The doormats of the Dutch manufacturer RiZZ are so effective that they hold up to 80% of the dirt. In addition, all RiZZ floor mats are fitted with anti-slip strips and are easy to clean.

In addition to the collection of door mats, RiZZ offers a powerful design product range for the entrance area, always subject to the strictest ecological aspects in addition to formally clear design aspects.