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Patte - flexible shelving systems with robust artisan charm

The company Patte International from Friedberg is known for its refined shelf solutions. Unlike many conventional shelves, it does not rely on rigid structures but flexible joints, which adapt to the weight of the items.

The idea behind the Patte shelves

Patte International has created high quality storage solutions for private and public spaces since the turn of the century. The seasoned team has developed the versatile Patte shelves. They are equipped with a practical concertina, which makes it possible to stretch or shorten the shelves as needed. So Patte CD racks and Patte DVD shelves are easy to use. In addition to flexibility, a few other things are important to Patte International in the design of shelves, like the Stretch CD Regal wide and the Stretch DVD shelf wide. This includes primarily the sober objectivity. The variability of the furniture should be underlined by its functional aesthetics.

Patte Stretch - the next generation of innovative shelves

The distinctive style of Patte International is reduction and simplicity. In the development process, superfluousness is detected and removed. In this way, furniture pieces fully match the needs of the customer. In the design of shelves like the Patte Stretch the company always takes into account the opinions of its fans. It encourages the open exchange of experiences and improves each time on the basis of the responses its collections receive. Customers will also find more practical wall shelving, trolleys and key boards. This allows the sober style of nicely furnished rooms to be effectively enriched with little effort.

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