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Everyday items with a twist are MeterMorphosen's specialty, may that be with their concept, material or design. Our recommendation for original gift ideas!

Metermorphosen - gift ideas with a difference

Metermorphosen is a publisher that has taken on the task to breathe new life into everyday objects with unconventional and original ideas. Even with the name, Metermorphosen gift ideas, it is clear that nothing is as it seems.

The courage to be unconventional - Metermorphosen Mixed Doubles

The success of popular products such as the Metermorphosen Mixed Doubles and the Metermorphosen city plan can be attributed to the particular way the business works. On one hand, the team led by Christoph Kremer, Ingo Kollman, Florian Koch, Jordi Guasit and Michael Knäbe developed their own ideas and on the other hand, it also works with external ideas. As such, educational objects rely on their own charm. The Metermorphosen Mixed Doubles is a very good example. Here you get a memory game that consists of smart magnetic cards for the refrigerator. Different elements make up Metermorphosen gift ideas

Metermorphosen - the story of a publisher

The launch of the daring ideas of Metermorphosen publishing came in 1998. The carpenters noticed whilst working at the bench that a ruler is 2000 mm, which they wanted to associate with the upcoming millennium in one way or another. So without further ado, the histological ruler with the most important events of the last 2000 years was developed. After the successful delivery of the folding rule, the publisher, who is responsible for more successful gift ideas, such as the Metermorphosen map, was founded. It is robust and fun. After a series of further successes Metermorphosen laid the foundations for more impressive work. A publishing house was founded, publishing representatives created, company space and a warehouse were leased and a sales structure built.