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The power of colours and shapes

The Finnish textile design brand Marimekko has been setting trends since the 1950s with its vibrant colours and innovative shapes.

Collections by Marimekko

Manufacturer Marimekko with its ideas

The manufacturer Marimekko is a Finnish design company that is primarily known for its colours and patterns. The company has existed since 1951 and has since been able to establish itself with bright designs and beautiful shapes on towels, pillows and other textiles. The Marimekko collections offer much more.

Many designers work for Marimekko

The company Marimekko now works together with very many freelance designers from Finland and Sweden. Thus, the collections are constantly filled with new ideas and the variation in new colours and patterns does not decrease. Among the most popular patterns are, for example, Kaiku or Räsymatto. The use of the patterns is not only focused on home textiles. The popular patterns are also found on the Oiva dishes. As such, Marimekko Oiva teapots can be used not only in the kitchen, but also offer a creative character in every apartment. The collections bind many different living areas together. For example, the Marimekko cushion can be selected in consideration of other textiles. Here the Marimekko Unikko Cushion Cover is mentioned. It embellishes even your old pillow and makes for a swing to the colourful and more pep in the household.

Designer fabrics and Accessories

The company's history began with the founders Viljo and Armi Ratia, who specialized as a textile company on designer fabrics. Today, Marimekko is known worldwide for its innovative creations and there are new products added regularly. These include the Marimekko cups or the Marimekko hand towels, all equipped with its own style.