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Radiant works of art

Marchetti stands for perfectly crafted light objects with majestic elegance – like the Diamante crystal lamp.

Marchetti - Slice S14 Suspension Lamp
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Slice S14 Suspension Lamp
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Marchetti - modern stylish lighting

Ever since the 70s, Marchettil Illuminazione has meant Italian lighting solutions of the highest quality. The traditional company leads in ceiling lamps, recessed spotlights, pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. The uniqueness of the Marchetti lights is that they combine traditional craftsmanship and the courage to innovate in a sophisticated way.

The courage to leave gaps - Marchetti Lighting

For decades, an experienced designer collective has stood behind Marchetti that completely identifies with the style and the high quality of the brand. In all Marchetti lamps, time-honoured craftsmanship is highlighted in an impressive way. This can be seen, for example, in the Marchetti Pura pendant lamp. With its sinuous shape it bears a unique modern signature. The surface, decorated with paint, gold and silver leaf, indicates the high standard of handicraft that stands behind the production. The same applies to the Marchetti Diamante pendant lamp . Here the attractive loop shape is decorated with white, black and transparent glass. It is clear that the company never stands still in the production of the popular Marchetti lamps, but always looks for new design challenges.

The new beginning for classic interiors - Marchetti lamps

The company was founded in 1972 under the name of Fala von Sergio Marchetti. First, he and a team concentrated on the production of special designs. Then in 1989 came Marchetti Illuminazione as we know it today. With stylish majestic lights it made a name for itself on the international scene. In addition, it shows how important sustainability and environmental friendliness are to the company that it has its own LED brand Ultraluce. Marchetti established a new timeless classic style that has become inseparable with his work in many modern interiors. The Marchetti lamps are designed to outlast fleeting trends and create a sense of refined timelessness. A subtle hint of extravagance always remains.