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Lumen Center Italia

As the name suggests, Lumen Center Italia is an Italian lighting designer. A special feature of the collections is that they are created by craftsmen, architects, engineers and designers. But the lights of the Milan company are characterized not only by their unique design, but also by their high functionality - customers benefit from a perfect combination of craft, art, aesthetics and careful planning.

Lumen Center Italia Lighting mixes tradition and modernity

The Mistral 40 ceiling lights, among others, can be described as extravagant. Here you can very clearly see how the designers have blended elements of modernity with traditional influences. The lamp consists of numerous fine metal branches, with the light sources at the tips. The special feature is that you can order these Lumen Center Italia lamps in different metal finishes. The ceiling lamp is reminiscent of a delicate plant with fine luminous buds, but is much more robust than it seems.

Wild, tender and extravagant - Lumen Center Italia Coral

Noteworthy among the lighting collections is the Coral range. The shape of the lights are reminiscent of a wild surging coral reef. Even more: If you look closely, you can see a coral patten at the diffusers. So the design is reflected on the light-emitting elements. This ensures a guaranteed atmosphere in your home. Again, you have the choice between different colours to ensure the interior lighting matches your wishes exactly.

Pick the right one for you from the lighting companyLumen Center Italia Lighting. In particular, minimalist interior design concepts benefit from the wildness and extravagance of lamps "Made in Italy".