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Le Creuset

Legends of the kitchen

The versatile, high-performance, colourful cookware from Le Creuset is a joy for hobby chefs and kitchen pros alike.

Collections by Le Creuset

Le Creuset (in English: the crucible) was founded in 1925 by Belgian industrialists Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq in Fresnoy-le-Grand in France. They wanted to introduce cast-iron cookware with outstanding quality to the market. The first roasting pan was created and this little company became well-known in no time in their rise to the top. In 1988, Paul van Zuydam bought the company and has been the sole owner since then.

A world brand’s rise to the top

27 years after its foundation, the little company had turned into a successful business, distributing its cast-iron, enamelled cookware all across Europe. In 1957, the take-over of Les Hauts Fourneaux of Cousances, a major competitor, was successful. In 1970 and 1992, two other big names followed: Godin and the Screwpull corkscrew brand. By that time, the range not only included saucepans but also high-quality kitchen gadgets, one highlight being the silicon ladle. Since 1992, Le Creuset has set up new sites all over the world - in Germany, Scandinavia and Canada, for example.

Exclusive kitchen utensils for cooking enthusiasts and professionals

Turn your kitchen into a cooking temple. Use stylish cookware that lasts a lifetime. The Signature roasting pan is the company’s traditional piece. In 2015, for the 90th anniversary, it was reissued as the original. It has made many chefs happy because its quality is undisputed. With the robust Signature roaster, too, your feast will definitely be a success.