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The most stunning kitchen aid in the world

KitchenAid devices are the perfect everyday assistants thanks to their robust design, professional performance and vibrant colours.
KitchenAid - KitchenAid 1.3 HP Mixer Equipment
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KitchenAid 1.3 HP Mixer Equipment
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€ 26,00
KitchenAid - Artisan 5KSBCJ Kitchen Mix Container  0,75L
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Artisan 5KSBCJ Kitchen Mix Container 0,75L
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€ 39,80
€ 49,00

Collections by KitchenAid

AmbienteDirect carries many wonderful KitchenAid designer appliances for you. In our online shop you will find among others the Classic 5K45SS food processor, the Classic 5KSB555 blender, and the Artisan 5KTT780 toaster for 2 slices. Many appliances are available in many different colours. We have the Artisan 5KSM150 food processor, for example, in 14 colours for you! We guarantee that your favourite colour will be among them! Browse the KitchenAid products and have a look!

Indulge your family or your guests with delicious homemade ice cream from the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker KICAOWH or with freshly baked waffles from the Artisan 5KWB100 waffle iron! These stylish products by designer brand KitchenAid are also available in our online shop. AmbienteDirect wishes you fun in the kitchen with the wonderful KitchenAid household appliances! 

In the year 1919 Herbert Johnson invented a machine that would make the lives of many chefs and gourmets a lot easier. It was the first household food processor called “H5”. For KitchenAid this invention was very important, otherwise we wouldn't have these great, colourful KitchenAid design food processors today, which are also available in our online shop!

Since 1986 the Belgian design company KitchenAid has been offering all the important machines for our households. Egmont Arens, publisher of the famous magazines “Creative Arts” and “Vanity Fair”, was designer for KitchenAid for several years. Already in the year 1936 he designed three of the most beautiful KitchenAid household machines, like the model “K”. With his exceptional design objects he won numerous awards. Many of his creations are also exhibited by museums. Today the KitchenAid blenders still remind us of Egmont Arens, which speaks for the timelessness and uniqueness of his designs.

In the meantime, KitchenAid not only produces small and large household appliances, but also different kitchen tools like whisks, garlic presses, and can openers. KitchenAid was the first company to introduce its kitchen appliances to the market in bright, bold colours. Stark white was the common colour for kitchen appliances at the time and so the unique lacquer nuances like island green, sunny yellow, and petal pink attracted all the attention.

The colour pallet from the year 1955 was expanded by several hues in the year 1994. Ever since the new KitchenAid models also shine in colours like onyx black, apple green, empire red, and cobalt blue. The KitchenAid household appliances can be easily integrated into any home thanks to their large colour selection. And they will most definitely also make every other household appliance look very bland next to them!