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Collections by Illy

Illy's story began after the World War I when the Hungarian Francesco Illy travelled to the Northern Italian major port city Trieste. Before he had been studying economics in Timișoara in Rumania and working in Vienna, Austria. But in Trieste he finally found one of his biggest passion in life: Coffee.

Francesco Illy became more and more interested in good coffee and cocoa and began occupying himself with it intensively. Finally he founded the company illycaffè in the year 1933. The company constantly developed further and was given over to each new generation of the family. Today Illy is run by the third generation. Andrea Illy is the current president and CEO of the company.

In the year 1994 Illy ascertained that for the perfect coffee you need the perfect coffee maker. From this thought the company started developing the shapely Illy espresso makers we don't wish to withhold from you.

The X1 Ground Espresso Maker not only looks beautiful, but is also exceptionally robust and provides optimal coffee enjoyment. At AmbienteDirect you can choose from six different colours when purchasing the X1 Ground Espresso Maker: Almond beige, black, yellow, dark blue, red, or in classic stainless steel.

An espresso ristretto, an espresso lungo or a simple espresso couldn't taste any better than when it's made with the X1 Trio Espresso Maker. This coffee machine is easy to handle and switching between the Trio system works with just one movement of the hand. Part of the X1 Trio Espresso Maker is a milk frothing nozzle for preparing heavenly delicious cappuccino. The X1 Trio Espresso Maker is available in our online shop in the colours black, red, beige, stainless steel, light blue, dark blue, orange, and yellow.

The Y1 Espresso Maker received the Red Dot design award and was named the “best product of the year 2011” in the category electrical appliances. Its special design combines contrasts like glossy and matted surfaces and materials like glass and aluminium. The coffee maker is easy and quick to use. With its compact dimensions the Y1 Espresso Maker will find space in nearly every kitchen. The Y1 Espresso Maker is available at AmbienteDirect in three different colours, black, red, and white.

The Illy espresso makers are based on decades of experience and know-how about coffee. Turn your coffee break into pure enjoyment with the coffee machines by FrancisFrancis for Illy!

In our online shop you will not only find the already mentioned espresso systems by label FrancisFrancis for Illy, but also among others the X1 ISPO Espresso Maker, the Y1.1 Touch Espresso Maker, and the X7 Espresso Maker. Conjure up the perfect coffee with the X2 Hyper Espresso System! This Illy product can also be purchased at AmbienteDirect. We wish you lots of fun browsing the perfect Illy espresso makers!