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Artificial - Lux Tray M
  • White
Lux Tray M
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€ 54,50
Artificial - N2 Table Lamp
  • White
N2 Table Lamp
in Stock
€ 125,30
€ 179,00
Artificial - Lux S
  • Pink
Lux S
in Stock
€ 29,50

Collections by Artificial

Artificial - Interiors with elegance and wit

With Artificial one finds refined interior design ideas with a hint of intelligence again and again. The German manufacturer and international distributor is a leading provider of contemporary and classic lighting, furniture and accessories.

The story of success - Artificial

The company Artificial first launched in 1983 as "Artificial Gallery". The founder of the innovative design studios was Jürgen J. Burk. At the beginning of his business his focus was on original works by designers from Bauhaus, Pop Art and many other styles. Later he expanded his range to one-offs by famous artists. Thus, the inventor of Artificial Furniture worked with the likes of Ron Arad, Tom Dixon and Marc Newson. After 1995, Burk incorporated a separate division for accessories and furniture from the UK. A short time later he became the exclusive distributor in Europe, so he founded his second company Artificial Jürgen J. Burk in 1998. The range of the line includes stylish lighting solutions such as the N1 floor lamp and elegant chairs such as the Orgone Chair


Designs with charm and wit

The characteristic feature of all Artificial accessories and Artificial furniture is their charming wit and curved lines. The best example of this is the Orgone Chair by designer Marc Newson. It appears almost like an outwardly curved sock. Such a shape can be found nowhere else. Even with other Artificial accessories such as the Cigar Box, the Wino wine rack and the Jackenfang clothes rack, a strange unity that comes from the diversity of the design pieces becomes obvious. Colour joy, strength and courage to innovate are only three of the characteristics, through which this line is distinguished.