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Simple elegance & playful sophistication

Going against today’s throwaway culture, ArchitectMade delivers timeless wooden design objects with outstanding attention to detail.

Collections by ArchitectMade

Design in Perfection

ArchitectMade is more than design and more than a quality seal – it is a manifestation of perfection with a love of detail. The Danish company’s unique design objects crafted from carefully selected woods were made by well-known architects from Denmark. They provide a rare insight into stages in their lives and reflect the individual, heartfelt values and visions of designers and architects such as Paul Anker Hansen or Jørn Oberg Utzon.

ArchitectMade – the artistic expression of a philosophy of sustainability

The passion of ArchitectMade goes far beyond mere form and function. It works with hand-chosen artists, individually selected woods and elaborately hand-made, durable design objects that consciously run against the trend towards a disposable society. Before you can hold a unique product such as the wooden ArchitectMade Bird created by designer Kristian Vedel, it is checked all over by hand and reworked if necessary – that’s the incomparable perfection of the Danish design label.

Refined craftsmanship for timeless wooden design objects

The incomparable design objects from these Danish artists, such as the ArchitectMade Bird or the ArchitectMade Duck, leave you wanting to hold them in your hands and trace the perfect shapes of the fine wood. The small, attractive wooden sculptures such as the enchanting ArchitectMade wooden Duck & Duckling by designer Hans Bølling can all be found at AmbienteDirect. They are made to stand the test of time and bring joy even to future generations.