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The Danish design label Normann Copenhagen was founded by Jan Andersen and Paul Madsen in the year 1999. The Northern design manufacturer's motto: „Design is a way of living, a mindset!“ For the co-founders of Normann Copenhagen, manufacturer of furniture, lighting, and design accessories, there is nothing more beautiful than putting on a pair of glasses and looking at the world in all its design and very own colours. Normann Copenhagen wants to create everyday objects of special materials and to turn unloved items into favourites!

The design label's innovative way of thinking quickly became popular on the market: In the year 1999 Jan Andersen and Paul Madsen opened their design shop in Copenhagen. Then in 2002 the creative duo launched its first Normann Copenhagen product, the Norm 69 lamp by Simon Karkow. A huge success! In the same year three other products were put out, among them the Swing vase by Britt Bonnesen. Now Normann Copenhagen is unstoppable, the label's products and design accessories find international credit and are presented with numerous awards. The expansion of the design label can now also be seen on the outside, their headquarters are being moved into an old 1700 sqm movie theatre in Copenhagen.

Up to this day Normann Copenhagen has always put great emphasis on cooperation with innovative designers, like Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, talented young designers, as well as artisans. Founder Jan Andersen says: „At Normann Copenhagen we feel a strong connection to the creative scene in Denmark and the rest of Europe. We at Normann Copenhagen always keep up to date!“

The creative process is as important for the label as taking risks every now and then, in order to create unique, innovative design objects. Some of the most famous products by the Danish manufacturer are the Krenit bowls, the Grass vase, the Dahlia carpet, or the Tablo side table. Do not miss the folding Funnel and the tealight set True Feelings. The design accessories by Normann Copenhagen are great fun!

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Normann - Brick Cushion 60x50cm
€ 74,00*

Brick Cushion 60x50cm by Normann

Normann - Oona Carpet 90x200 - light pink
€ 235,00*

Oona Carpet 90x200cm by Normann

Normann - Onkel Sofa 3-Seater - light grey/Backrest fabric fame 60075/Seat-Back cushion Step Melange 60004
€ 3.200,00*

Onkel Sofa 3-Seater by Normann

Normann - Tablo Side Table - grey/frame ash tree/Ø78cm
from € 369,00*

Tablo Side Table Ø 78cm by Normann

Normann - Normann Whisky Glass Set 2 pieces - transparent
€ 39,00*

Normann Whisky Glass Set by Normann

Normann - Grass Vase
from € 35,00*

Grass Vase by Normann

Normann - Tablo Side Table Ø50cm - white/frame ash tree
€ 220,00*

Tablo Side Table Ø50cm by Normann

Normann - Krenit Salad Bowl - turquoise/Size 1/HxØ 14x25cm
from € 81,00*

Krenit Salad Bowl by Normann

Normann - Bau Pendant - Suspension Lamp - natural/Size 1/H44cm
from € 190,00*

Bau Pendant Suspension Lamp by Normann

Normann - Norm 03 Shade - white/matt/Size 2/65x40cm
from € 100,00*

Norm 03 Suspension Lamp by Normann

Normann - Washing up bowl and brush - red/matt
from € 64,00*

Washing Up Bowl And Brush by Normann

Normann - Norm 69 Suspension Lamp
from € 90,00*

Norm 69 Suspension Lamp by Normann

Normann - Sko Shoe Rack - ash tree/shelves white
€ 200,00*

Sko Shoe Rack by Normann

Normann - Oona Carpet 140x140 - light pink
€ 265,00*

Oona Carpet 140x140cm by Normann

Normann - Oona Carpet 175x240 - light pink
€ 530,00*

Oona Carpet 175x240cm by Normann

Normann - Kabino Sideboard - ash tree/white
€ 810,00*

Kabino Sideboard by Normann

Normann - Box Side Table small - turquoise/lacquered/33x33cm/H:40cm
€ 135,00*

Box Side Table small by Normann

Normann - Ding Side Table - glass transparent/Base oak nature
€ 375,00*

Ding Side Table by Normann

Normann - Heima Tea Light Holder - black
€ 20,00*

Heima Tea Light Holder by Normann

Normann - Heima Block Candle Holder - black
€ 24,00*

Heima Block Candle Holder by Normann

Normann - Flag  Candle Holder - yellow
€ 20,00*

Flag Candle Holder by Normann

Normann - Watch Me Wall Clock - multicolour/matt/Ø 28,5cm
€ 36,00*

Watch Me Wall Clock by Normann

Normann - Block Side Table/Trolley - white/frame ash tree
€ 220,00*

Block Side Table/Trolley by Normann

Normann - Swing Vase 20cm - turquoise/lacquered
€ 24,00*

Swing Vase 20cm by Normann

Normann - Bell Suspension Lamp 35 x 37 - grey/cable grey
€ 300,00*

Bell Suspension Lamp 35 x 37 by Normann

Normann - Swing Vase 40cm - red/lacquered/40cm
€ 40,00*

Swing Vase 40cm by Normann

Normann - Heima Candlestick - black
€ 50,00*

Heima Candlestick by Normann

Normann - Woofy Cable Pot - white/plastics
€ 160,00*

Woofy Cabel Pot by Normann

Normann - Sumo Pouf/Stool - grey
€ 350,00*

Sumo Pouf/Stool by Normann

Normann - One step up Bookcase
€ 470,00*

One step up Bookcase by Normann

Normann - Hang Suspension Lamp - white/Size 2/Ø 40cm
€ 387,00*

Hang Suspension Lamp by Normann

Normann - Norm 06 Shade - white/foil/Size 1/Ø43cm
from € 50,00*

Norm 06 Pendant Lamp by Normann

Normann - Sticks Hooks Set 2 Pieces - oak/nature
€ 20,00*

Sticks Hooks Set 2 Pieces by Normann

Normann - Swell Sofa 3-Seater - beige/fabric Medley 61002
€ 2.950,00*

Swell Sofa 3-Seater by Normann

Normann - Bark Chair - black/lacquered
€ 320,00*

Bark Chair by Normann

Normann - Just Chair - ash tree nature/edge red/frame chrome
€ 220,00*

Just Chair by Normann

Normann - Solid Side Table - marble/frame ash tree/130x38.5x40cm
€ 1.070,00*

Solid Side Table by Normann

Normann - Magma Vacuum Jug - brown/rubberised/Single item - only one available!
€ 65,00*

Magma Vacuum Jug by Normann

Normann - Box Side Table - creme/lacquered/60x33cm/H:47.5cm
€ 162,00*

Box Side Table by Normann

Normann - Mormor Blue Milk Jug - white
€ 20,00*

Mormor Blue Milk Jug by Normann

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