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Iittala is the name of a village in the south of Finland where the Swedish (yes, you read that correctly) company founder Peter Magnus Abrahamsson was born and whose name he chose to give his glass workshop in 1881. At first Iittala was all about the art of traditional glass processing, later they specialised in crystal glass. From the 1930s on Iittala started producing more simple and especially unadorned glass products. At the time when the world praised the industrial revolution the Finnish company began propagating natural, organic shapes with works by Alvar and Aino Aalto, which became world famous. With the Alvar Aalto vase from the year 1936 Iittala reinvented the Finnish glass trade and surpassed the success of traditional crystal glass with the modern designs by the Aalto family.

Iittala counts as a pioneer in Scandinavian design. The Finnish company stands for reduced shapes close to nature and bold colours. With their goal to brighten up our daily lives Iittala works with internationally renowned designers – who are mostly based in the high North – to produce high-quality everyday objects and tools for the dining table and the kitchen that are aesthetic and emotional as well as simply timeless. Next to their newer collections like the crockery sets Sarjaton and Origo or even the Tools set, Iittala has been manufacturing their great design classics like the wavy Alvar Aalto vase for over 70 years. The hand-blown vase is one of the most famous glass objects in the world and even today is a synonym for the Finnish art of producing glass objects and for the manufacturer Iittala. Other collections, like Kastehelmi, were reissued after 20 years and their renewed success  once more speaks for the timeless design vocabulalry utilised by Iittala products.

Also the Taika crockery set seems typically Nordic with its décor that reminds us of the widespread Finnish woods and their mystical creatures and adorns the geometrically rather simple cups, plates, and bowls. Essentially more puristic is the Teema crockery collection, which was designed by Kaj Frank as early as 1952 and is the right choice for every occasion with its clear lines and shapes.

Today Iittala means more than just the art of Finnish glass work. Several of the living accessories made by Iittala were presented with design awards and stand in the most important design museums worldwide.

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iittala - Lantern Bodenleuchte
€ 299,00

Lantern Floor Lamp by iittala

iittala - Origo Schale 0.5l 4er Set - beige/Ø 14cm
€ 75,00

Origo Bowl 0.5l Set of 4 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Taika Kissenbezug
€ 69,00

Taika Cushion Slip by iittala

iittala - Taika Tagesdecke - blau/130x180cm
€ 190,00

Taika Bedcover 130x180cm by iittala

iittala - Kastehelmi Schale 0,35l Set - gelb lime/2 Stück
from € 49,00

Kastehelmi Bowl 0,35l Set of 2 by iittala

iittala - Taika Untertassen 2 Stück - blau/ornament/Ø 15cm
from € 23,00

Taika Saucer Set Ø15cm 2 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Taika Schale  - blau/ornament/Ø 26cm
from € 69,00

Taika Bowl Ø26cm by iittala

iittala - Taika Müslischale 0.6l Set 2tlg. - weiß/ornament/2 Stück
€ 56,00

Taika Bowl 0.6l Set Of 2 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Taika Kaffeetassen Set 2tlg. - blau/ornament/0,22l
€ 58,00

Taika Coffee Cup 2 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Taika Henkelbecher 0.4l Set 2tlg.  - blau/ornament/0.4l
€ 40,00

Taika Mug 0.4l Set Of 2 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Essence Cocktail Gläser Set 6tlg. - transparent / 31cl/6 Stück
from € 29,00

Essence Cocktail Glass Set by iittala

iittala - Essence Sherry Gläser Set 6tlg. - transparent / 15cl/6 Gläser im Set
from € 24,00

Essence Sherry Glass Set by iittala

iittala - Essence Wasser Gläser Set 6tlg. - transparent / 35cl
from € 21,00

Essence Water Glass Set by iittala

iittala - Kaasa Feuerstelle - grau/255mm
from € 369,00

Kaasa Fire Place by iittala

iittala - Vitriini Glasschaukästchen mit Aluminiumschale - eiche/transparent/Größe 1/6 x 6cm
from € 29,00

Vitriini Glass Display Box with Wood/Alu by iittala

iittala - Alvar Aalto Vase 120mm - apfelgrün
€ 99,00

Alvar Aalto Vase 120mm by iittala

iittala - Aino Aalto 2er Set - grau/22cl
from € 15,00

Aino Aalto Glass Set by iittala

iittala - Vitriini Glasschaukästchen Glas - hellrosa/6 x 6cm
from € 29,00

Vitriini Glass Display Box by iittala

iittala - Alvar Aalto Vase 95mm - apfelgrün/Glas/mundgeblasen/Nur noch wenige im Bestand!
from € 59,00

Alvar Aalto Vase 95mm by iittala

iittala - Alvar Aalto Vasen Set 2 Stück - transparent grün/1 Vase 160mm + 1 Vase 95mm
€ 199,00

Alvar Aalto Set of 2 Vases by iittala

iittala - Origo Salatschüssel - orange/2L/Ø 25,5cm
€ 44,00

Origo Salad Bowl by iittala

iittala - Origo Henkelbecher-Set 0,4L - orange/2 Stück
€ 37,00

Origo Mug Set by iittala

iittala - Sarjaton Geschenkset Nr. 3 - weiß/Muster Tikki/2 Henkelbecher/2 kl. Schalen
from € 55,00

Sarjaton Gift Set 4 Pieces by iittala

iittala - Origo Schale 0,5l - orange
from € 19,00

Origo Bowl 0.5l by iittala

iittala - Taika Gläser-Set 2tlg. - transparent/38 cl
€ 30,00

Taika Set of 2 Glasses by iittala

iittala - iittala Lempi Glas 2er Set - transparent/45cl/2 Gläser
€ 24,00

iittala Lempi Glass Set by iittala

iittala - Nappula Kerszenständer Set  - rot Weihnachten 2014/H: 10,7cm , 18,3cm/2 Stück
€ 58,00

Nappula Candle Holder Set by iittala

iittala - Aitio Wandregal/Aufbewahrung S - gelb/lackiert/16x14x16cm
€ 65,00

Aitio Wall Shelf/Storage S by iittala

 - Ruutu Bouroullec Vase 115x140mm - rosa/rautenform
from € 129,00

Ruutu Bouroullec Vase 115x140mm by iittala

 - Ovalis Vase - transparent grau/Glas/ovale Form/H: 16cm
from € 199,00

Ovalis Vase Limited Edition by iittala

iittala - Teema Starter Set 8-teilig - weiß
€ 125,00

Teema Starter Set 8 pieces by iittala

iittala - Nappula Kerzenständer - kupfer/kupfer/Größe 2/H 18.3cm
from € 25,00

Nappula Candle Holder by iittala

iittala - Aino Aalto Krug /Karaffe - transparent/1,2L
€ 99,00

Aino Aalto Carafe by iittala

iittala - Teema Teller 2 Stück - weiß / Ø23cm
€ 33,00

Teema Plate Set Ø23cm by iittala

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